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Davidson Gallery presents Parallax, a solo exhibition of new kinetic sculpture by artist Pedro S. DeMovellan. The main body of work in Parallax is seven outdoor sculptures ranging in height from seven feet to over eleven feet. It is the first time in his career that De Movellán has dedicated so much of his practice to so many large-scale works. All seven outdoor pieces, as well as several smaller indoor sculptures and working maquettes, are featured on Davidson Gallery's two outdoor sculpture terraces and light-filled top floor gallery.

Like nearly all of De Movellán's work, the sculptures in Parallax rely on wind to drive their carefully calibrated, meticulously balanced elements. Whether a few inches tall, or several feet, De Movellán's ability to define motion and air currents is singular. This  exhibition, Parallax, draws its title from a visual phenomenon where the same object seen from  two different viewpoints appears to be moving differently or have an altered position. The term is frequently used in astronomy to account for the change in apparent position of celestial bodies depending on the viewers' standpoints. 

In this case, De Movellán has co-opted the term to address the mutability and flux that exists in all his work. Though each piece is unique and a standalone sculpture, the movement inherent in each means that they are virtually never the same work depending on where and when they are viewed. The works' constant changing state - and the viewer's own relative position to them - introduce a variability not seen in static works of art. In Parallax, as in all of De Movellán's practice, the work is always new.