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Davidson Gallery is proud to present Tom Wesselmann: Perfecting the Process, a solo exhibition of paintings, drawings, and sculptural works spanning the entirety of the artist’s acclaimed career. Wesselmann was the consummate craftsman; The final version of all major works was preceded by numerous sketches, drawings, maquettes, and studies. This exhibition – Davidson Gallery’s ninth solo show for the artist – features over two dozen works and many of those works document the numerous steps and incarnations that Wesselmann took and made before the completion of an idea.


Perfecting the Process takes a broad look across Wesselmann’s nearly fifty-year career, examining the way certain themes and subjects recur and connect the decades: nudes, and partial nudes consisting of themed works including lips, hands and feet, as well as still-lifes and smoking themes. In particular, attention is given to Wesselmann’s exceptional quality of line, his awareness of color, and the acknowledged influence of his artistic heroes including Henri Matisse, Franz Kline, and Willem DeKooning.


Tom Wesselmann was born in Cincinnati, OH, in 1931. He moved to New York City in the 1950s, receiving a degree from the Cooper Union in 1959. In the 1960s, Wesselmann became one of the foremost American Pop artists, working continuously in drawing, painting, assemblage, sculpture, and writing until his death in 2004.