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Davidson Gallery presents Portal, an exhibition of new work by Pedro S. de Movellán. This show represents two years of work and includes both indoor and outdoor kinetic sculpture from one of the most innovative and visionary sculptors of the last 25 years. De Movellán has created a series of kinetic sculptures that use both ambient air and wind, as well as currents that are internally generated, driven by fans housed within the sculpture itself.


As is the case with all of de Movellán’s work, each piece moves effortlessly, guided by unseen – and often unfelt – currents of air. Even his large-scale outdoor works are activated by just a breeze, their ease of motion belying their size and heft. Included in Portal and featured on the sculpture decks on the 10th floor of Davidson Gallery are a nine-foot untitled work, as well as the 15-foot tall Outdoor Gibbous, de Movellán’s second largest sculpture ever, and his largest non-commissioned work to date.


Two new wall-mounted indoor works, Crest and Crescent, focus on a wholly different approach by de Movellán, they are activated by internal electric fans that the artist has built seamlessly into the framework of each piece. The fans, set on timers to randomize the flow of air, are nearly noiseless while providing constant motion of the elements within their self-contained housings.


With Portal, de Movellán once again is focusing on all new materials, methods, and scale in kinetic sculpture. This is his 13th solo exhibition at Davidson Gallery, and his first since C0DE in 2016.