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Maxwell Davidson Gallery is pleased to announce Objects of Desire, an exhibition of three-dimensional works by Tom Wesselmann. This is the eighth solo show for Wesselmann at Maxwell Davidson Gallery, and is in collaboration with the Estate of the artist. Objects of Desire features examples of Wesselmann’s three-dimensional work in a variety of media: sculptures, maquettes, steel cuts, and plastic works. As an exceptionally talented draftsman, colorist, and painter, Tom Wesselmann extended his personal craft as an artist into numerous other areas. He was constantly experimenting with new ideas and new media, always comfortable pushing the boundaries he was exploring. In particular, the plastic sculptures and the laser cut steel sculptures came out of his restless artistic personality.  

Objects of Desire includes work from every decade of the artist’s career – some of his earliest still lifes – still fresh after 50 years – alongside assorted signature Wesselmann subject matter: nudes, bouquets, cigarettes, smokers, and streamlined radios.


Currently, a retrospective exhibition titled Beyond Pop Art: Tom Wesselmann is traveling from the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, and will be on view at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts beginning in April.