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Maxwell Davidson Gallery is pleased to present an exhibition of new work by Tim Prentice.  This will be the gallery’s tenth one-man exhibition for the American born sculptor.


As a kinetic sculptor, Tim Prentice works in a variety of lightweight materials, including aluminum, stainless steel, feathers, and Lexan.  Originally an architect, Prentice turned to full-time sculpture making over twenty years ago. His architectural training has enabled him to design sculptures with a sensitivity to their surroundings, whether they be for museums, large corporations or private collections. In this exhibition Tim Prentice further investigates the shape, form, and flow of wind currents in order to make air virtually visible. The intriguing structures and reflective metals he uses allow the sculptures to soar or undulate in response to their environment, creating delightful, patterned movements for the eye. As one of the foremost kinetic sculptors working today, Prentice has executed literally hundreds of his whimsical and ingenious pieces for galleries, universities, museums, hospitals, airports, corporate offices, civic centers, and private collections all over the world.


Prentice’s newest body of work pits his usual style up against even more complex systems, which enable the artist to further explore his definitions of air-flow and movement.  Many of the sculptures are coming from a recent exhibition at the Mattatuck Art Museum in Waterbury, CT.