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Maxwell Davidson Gallery is pleased to announce a one-man exhibition featuring new kinetic sculpture by Pedro S. De Movellan, through March 26th, 2011. This is De Movellan’s ninth solo exhibition with Maxwell Davidson Gallery.


One of the most prominent kinetic sculptors working today, De Movellan has become a master of fluidity, creating entirely unique kinetic works that move effortlessly and silently. De Movellan’s work has shown constant evolution throughout his 15-year career. At only 43 years of age, he is the master craftsman and apprentice in one, showing off his abilities with every new sculpture.


Once working largely in wood and dense metals, De Movellan has become more and more focused on materials that are durable and ultra-lightweight. This exploration has led him to use stainless steel and aluminum as main supports for carbon fiber laminate elements. Carbon fiber has become his signature material. It is strong and archival, yet malleable. The overall aesthetic of the work, when coupled with stainless steel, aluminum, and De Movellan’s precision machining, is at once industrial yet romantic.


De Movellan has worked primarily with circular elements which help to define and illustrate the motion of each work, but he has also used columns, wings, and new “open spheres” which combine right angles with arcs to create infinitesimal variations in movement that did not exist in De Movellan’s previous work, or that of any other kinetic sculptor before him.


After a highly successful Art Basel Miami Beach where he was exhibited at the Maxwell Davidson Gallery booth alongside George Rickey, Jesus Rafael Soto, Tim Prentice, and Kevin Osmond, De Movellan has continued to turn out innovative and beautiful sculptures and to advance kinetic art towards its next iteration.