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Born 1981, South Africa
Lives and works in Arras-en-Lavedan 

All of Nicky Broekhuysen’s work is binary, both literally and figuratively. The artist paints using only stamps of the numbers 1 and 0, and the work is always intended as having more than one meaning, or comprising more than just the sum total of the marks on the paper. Binary code is a language designed for information exchange – we use it daily for virtually every task imaginable; it surrounds us in Bluetooth and Wi-Fi signals – and yet it is essentially illegible to humans. Broekhuysen uses that contradiction as part of her work. By further abstracting the binary code and applying the numbers at random, she creates an image which, even if abstract, imparts information to and elicits a response from the viewer. She is thereby both using and deconstructing the language, subverting its initial message while maintaining its initial intent.

2004 Bachelor of Fine Arts at ELAM School of Fine Arts, Auckland University,

Auckland, New Zealand

Solo Exhibitions
2018 The Channeling, Davidson Gallery, New York
2016 The Digital Archaeologist, The Bumiller Collection, University Museum
Islamic Art, Berlin, Germany
The Mediators, Davidson Contemporary, New York
2015 The Stonebreakers, Blok Artspace, Istanbul, Turkey
2013 Potency Filled Things, Dittrich Und Schlechtriem Gallery, Berlin, Germany
2012 Solo Presentation in the Signature Section – Art Abu Dhabi, Waterhouse &
Dodd Gallery
Shifting Knowledge, WhatIfTheWorld Gallery, Cape Town, South Africa
2011 Between States, Into Light, pool gallery, Berlin, Germany
VOLTA NY Art Fair, pool gallery, Berlin, Germany
2010 State of Flux, Artport Contemporary, Berlin, Germany
2009 Do Over, AFTHotw... Gallery, Berlin, Germany
2007 Urban Crust, Stir Art Gallery, Shanghai, China
Categorizing the Lost Pieces, the studio, Shanghai, China