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Glendalys MEDINA
Oil pastel, nails and thread on wood

The Armory Show

Glendalys Medina

September 9 – 11, 2022

These new wall sculptures and drawings by multidisciplinary conceptual artist Glendalys Medina continue the artist's Gratitudes series. The Gratitudes were initially born from the despair and isolation of pandemic lockdowns and social unrest, but became exercises in hope, markers of time, and expressions of emotions and the appreciation for things both large and small. Each work is composed using Medina's signature visual vocabulary - derived from hip-hop culture, illustrated here using paint, nails, and thread in a three-dimensional forms that require physical strength, artistic vision, and a delicate hand to make. The works made for this exhibition draw inspiration from places, people, and moments from the artist's life where they found inspiration within - and in spite of - the mundane, each work becoming a sublime meditation on life and the practice of art.